The Sun Always Shines On TV

Hello & welcome to my blog. I started this blog on 4/18/13. I had to tweak my username since the one I always use was already taken here (sidney98). I have been using that username for years. Don't ask me why I always use it, I just do. I used it on YouTube, FanPop, GetGlue, PSN (Playstation Network), etc. The sidney comes from Sidney Prescott one of the main character from all the Scream films (played by Neve Campbell) & 98 is the year I graduated high school. Anyways, this is going to basically be stuff I like & what not. I guess you can say I love a-ha, wish they were still together. I would have loved to see them live in concert (never did see them live in concert). I guess I have been a fan since 1985 when I was 5. I get mad when people think a-ha was just a one hit wonder. I like more things then just a-ha, so I will have all sorts of random stuff here. I really wasn't sure what to title this blog so I decided to use one of my favorite a-ha songs The Sun Always Shines On TV. This is my very 1st blog & only blog, it is a work in progress. : )

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